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Features & Benefits

Get your own Wikipedu account and dashboard from where you can edit and upload changes to your educational institution and courses in real time, anytime.

We provide direct links right to your courses and campus page so that students can effortlessly move right through to applying and enrolling with you.


Show off all your courses. One of the top deciding factors for students when it comes to enrolling in education is finding the right course. Give yours visibility and attract more students.

Win more students by showing them what they can expect and all the great amenities and fun times they can have at your facility.

Campus Page

Show off your campus with a compelling profile page that builds credibility and confidence with prospective students.

We help funnel serious students who are actively applying to new courses to your own website.

YouTube Video

Compel more applications with a dynamic video that creates the emotion needed for them to take the leap with you.

Google Map Location

Let students find your school based on location and explore the area online, so they can make a decision fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs or get in touch with us today and speak with an expert who can answer your questions and speed you on the way to enrolling more students and a stronger educational institution.

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Can we upgrade plans at any time?
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Is this safe and secure to use?
How do we know we’ll get students who are a good match?
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