Canberra, Australia, 17 March 2016. During Canberra Balloon Spectacular, many balloons fly over Canberra city and Lake Burley Griffin. Every morning at dawn, more than 30 balloons take off from the lawns in front of the Old Parliament House. 

This city is located in Australia – Australia is one of the most exciting places in the world to visit on earth. Australia is blessed with native vegetation (about 91%). Canberra happens to be Australia’s largest inland city. The city of Canberra is one of the cleanest, hospitable and cities in the world. This city offers its inhabitants an easy lifestyle, good transport system, and low living expenses.  This city is blessed with a bunch of attractions that will keep you wanting to explore her environs. The city is renowned for many activities, which range from cultural, entertainment and many attractions. This city suits everyone who wants to explore the world of nature. Their cultural heritage will make you want to learn more about Canberra and the whole of Australia. You should be informed that this city offers a plethora of job opportunities to everyone; students, married or aged. As a student, you do not need to spend much because Canberra is student-friendly – having people with nice and friendly gestures. The residents of this city refer to themselves as Canberrans. An average Canberran is ready to make his or her visitor very comfortable and this contributes to the serenity in the city. As a student who wants a place that features high-security strategy, remarkable places for sightseeing and an accommodating habitat that welcomes diverse cultures, you should settle to derive this pleasure from the city of Canberra.


Canberra, Australia, 1 December 2016. Canberra is a perfect place to stay fit and active. Many people come to enjoy the lake Burley Griffin and all the activities which can be done. People run, cycle or use the segways to go round the lake. The segway is fun and easy to use; you can discover most major attractions in Canberra which are in the Parliamentary triangle. It’s the pleasure to live in a city and be able to appreciate nature and calm. 

Consecutively, the city of Canberra has been ranked as the most habitable city in Australia. Living in this city, you will get to live so close to nature. Their natural environment will make you as a visitor or an inhabitant experience self self-fulfillment will stare clearly at the heart of nature. This city is; like the dream which some of us will be astounded when its realization hits us so hard – Canberra is the dream of the world.

What makes Canberra great:

  • One of the safest cities in the world.
  • Living close to nature due to its native vegetation.
  • The city is a student-friendly for exploration.
  • A comfortable home that accommodates diverse cultures.
  • A pleasing atmospheric condition.

Weather in Canberra


The city is known for its warm summer and its winters. Canberra will keep you very cool and dry. Around December to February, the average temperature is between 12.6 – 27o C, with a small amount of humidity and comforting night. The month of January being one of the hottest around the year is with the temperature of 13.2 – 28o C while around August the temperature drops to 1 – 12o C at times, at night this temperature might drop down below 0o C. During spring (September to November), you will experience a very fresh morning and stimulating morning capable to unwind any kind of stress. The temperature range between 6 to 19o C. While the month of November is the wettest month; receiving around 64.5mm/2.5 inches. This city does not receive much rainfall compared with other cities in Australia. The Canberra has a story of perfection to tell its visitors and everyone who cares to hear – do not hesitate to hear each of its words because they are the fact that nature brings.


Diverse students walking together in campus, having break after classes 



The living cost of this city is way lower compared to other cities in the world. This is due to the fact that the city of Canberra was a dream of yesterday promised to the people of Australia. You should also note that the living cost also rests on the individual lifestyle, as a student, if your expenses exceed your income then, you’re running at a deficit.

You should plan your expenses as a student to avoid unnecessary spending.  As a student you should note a bunch of things will demand you spending your money; student materials, handout, transport, books, accommodation, and other expenses. The living standard in Canberra does not demand more from students; life is very comfortable, easy and fun.




Firstly, I should inform you that the city of Canberra is one of the safest cities in the world to live in. This is because of the love shared within its environs. As a student, you should be aware of the security platforms in your institution and in your local environs. This city has provided lots of agency to keep her residents safe and secure. In the case of rape or sexual assaults, you can reach the Canberra rape crisis center (CRCC). During your stay in Canberra, it is very important you should have the emergency police line on your speed dial list (000) or visit the nearest police station when you are sexually harassed.

When the need arises, if you need to walk at night, try to walk with friends because this will reduce your susceptibility to any form of assault or crime. Try taking a route that is always occupied with people and not a deadly quiet zone. Aside from that, the police service in Canberra is very accommodating; approachable, loving. Their aim is to keep every community safe regardless of their cultures or background. In cases of medical emergency or fire outbreak, you can always call (000). At your request, they will be with you immediately

Canberra, Australia – May 25, 2019. A light rail vehicle arrives at a stop in Canberra. The first stage of Canberra’s light rail project was completed in early 2019 and introduced a new mode of transport to the city. 



It is very important we get to explore our environment. As a student, it is inevitable that you won’t do without the transport system. Although, as a student, you can apply for a MyWay tertiary student card. With this card, you have access to cheaper transport rates. You will have to use your school ID card as proof of your studentship. In Canberra, almost all international students spend between $700 to $1500 a year on conveyance. Some persons opt-in for biking, which has lots of benefits, health, mental and social wellbeing to the body. So, you can choose whatever befits your standard.

The major transportation system in Canberra is bus, bicycle, and car – the coming of the light rails also add to other means of transportation. The city of Canberra is not designed in a grid form like other capitals of the world, it took the form of a network between urban centers and suburbs. You should note that the Canberra’s general bus service works from 4 bus interchanges at Civic-Belconnen-Tuggeranong-Woden, with a constant road to and fro Civic and other town areas. The bus system works in a way that you are able to pay through cash or if you are with your MyWay card, you could pay with it. All bus fare is lesser for those who will be using the MyWay card – a $1.50 less than the supposed cost of the fare. You can pay by placing your card on the validator to confirm your payment.  You should note that you must tag off the bus else, you will be charged the maximum fee. To avoid experiencing this penalty, you should always tag off the bus.

Another means of transport is the light rail, this happens to be the latest development in this city. The light rail travels around Civic and Gungahlin. This offers faster movement among people. You can also plan your transport mode on the transport Canberra website. You can hire a taxi to explore the tentacles of the city of Canberra or go biking.


Aerial view over Yerrabi ponds Canberra Gungahlin area in Amaroo, photographed with a DJI Phantom 4 drone 

Accommodation in Canberra


This is very important for anyone that moves to a city newly. You will surely need a place of abode, where you can call your room or apartment – have visitors, friend and invite family for dinner. As a student in Canberra, you should be informed that this city has a wonderful place where you can have a blissful night and sleep in peace. When securing yourself an accommodation, you should try to select an apartment close to your institution, closer to the bus station or any means of transportation. Do make sure the place is secured, close to the police station or health care center – all these should be at the back of your mind when you are selecting an abode. In some cases, if you want to share your apartment with someone, this is always very exciting, it will give you the opportunity to meet new people, someone to share your excitement, fear and always be there for you. As much as this brings lots of fun, it is also very important you people get to understand one another to avoid unnecessary arguments or disputes. You should have a roster for some activities, this will obviously give room for responsibility.

In Canberra, we have the tenant union – this body will help you understand your right as a tenant, all these amounts to the fact that in Canberra your right is protected to the peak. Although, there are cases of scammers ruining the gullible people. To avoid this disheartening experience, some of these scammers do catch their victims with extraordinary offers that are not capable of believing. You can avoid this by discussing this with your colleagues in school or meeting your agent in person. Do not transfer any money to anyone if you are not too clear about the process. You should also note that most student areas in Canberra are more than secured for its inhabitants. The city is great with its unique loving environment.


National Gallery of Australia 

Major attractions in Canberra


The city of Canberra is blessed with many side attractions – being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a place where love and peace will tell its visitors the tale of this great city. Among its attractions are the Australia War Memorial, Museum of Australia Democracy located at the old parliament house, the great National Gallery of Australia, the Canberra Glassworks, the National Film and Sound Archive, and The Royal Australia Mint. The city is around a manmade lake called the lake burley griffin. This lake got its name from Burley Griffin – a renowned architect. His wonderful wife, Marion Mahony; which is one of the greatest architects of her time. She also helped in completing some of the image sketches of the city of Canberra.  All these accounts to the elements that this city is very attractive and conducive for young students. This city also has something good for those who love art and historical stories. In Canberra, you will find lots of galleries displaying the culture of this society both international and local. Places like the:

The National Gallery of Australia: the national gallery of Australia holds the country’s Aboriginal and Torres Islander, European and Pacific cultural heritage as well as great cultural heritage.


Canberra, Australia, 10 February 2016. The Kingston Powerhouse is an historical building, and included on the ACT Heritage Places Register. It is a building of industrial and architectural significance. It was one of the first permanent buildings of Canberra and was of social importance in the early years of the city. 

The Canberra Glassworks: the Canberra glassworks offers a very unique feature to his viewers. This will make every viewer astound of the beauty you will get to see at the Canberra Glassworks.


“Australian War Memorial in Canberra, Australia. The Australian War Memorial is Australia’s national memorial to the members of its armed forces and supporting organisations who have died or participated in wars involving the Commonwealth of Australia, and some conflicts involving personnel from the Australian colonies prior to Federation. 

The Canberra War Memorial: this proofs that the city holds Australia’s record of honor for its warrior and its citizens. At the Mount Ainslie lies the Canberra war memorial. Before proceeding you stop at the museum to catch a good look at Australia’s part in history. At your arrival at the tomb were soldiers whose names fade with time but their strengths are immortalized for the generation unborn to come to see their greatness. This shrine will call your attention to feel the bitter pain soldiers of war experience on the battlefield for their beloved country – this will show you what solidarity and love for one’s country is all about.

You should note that there are lots of places you can visit in Canberra that will draw your attention as a visitor to its environs. So, just come explore the tentacles of Canberra, it will surely be fun!

The Aboriginal culture: if you are interested in studying the aboriginal culture, you will get to join Dharwra Aboriginal Cultural Tours, they offer both complete and short tour around the city of Canberra. You will be introduced to the Ngunnawal language.

It is of utmost importance to add the music of the aboriginals; for their music is inseparable from their storytelling ability. Some of this traditional instrument is still in use; this displays cultural heritage in its nudity. Do not forget that music is a revival of life, it gives us every reason to always survive.