If you were planning to study in Australia, your plan might be to school in the capital Sydney or maybe Melbourne; but you might not have discovered a better option- one that has been taken by many international students.

If you were planning to study in Australia, your plan might be to school in the capital Sydney or maybe Melbourne; but you might not have discovered a better option- one that has been taken by many international students.


Adelaide city is popularly known as the city designed for students. The city itself houses over a million people and is home to about 70,000 students of 100 educational institutions of which roughly around 20,000 are international students. The city is attractive to international students because it is the cheapest of the five major Australian cities. In addition, it is generally regarded as ‘highly livable’ because it packs wonderful living conditions which are at the same time highly affordable.

While planning to study in a foreign country can be pretty scary, the city of Adelaide is a place where many foreign students have found a home as it has incorporated diverse communities into its own, making sure everyone feels welcome and offers a real sense of community while throwing in a wide range of attraction and entertainment.

I will be taking you through some reasons I feel you should definitely consider studying in Adelaide city. Some of what should be given considerations are:

  • Exotic areas suitable for recreational activities.
  • Prestigious tertiary institutions with remarkable laboratories and knowledgeable lecturers.
  • A climatic condition that gives warmth to its inhabitants.
  • Comfortable accommodation for consistent internet surfing.
  • Friendly location where the cost of living is affordable for average students.
  • Trustworthy security with technical strategy to provide absolute safety.

 the Old Classics Wing (Mitchell Building on North Terrace) of the University of Adelaide and the Goodman crescent

High Quality of Institutions Available in the City


Adelaide was ranked 41st in the recently available rankings of the Best Student Cities in the world. This no doubt was partly due to the high quality of institutions present in the city. Adelaide is home to some of Australia’s top institutions – universities, private colleges, culinary and hospitality schools.

One of the prominent Universities in the city- The University of Adelaide has over the years continually made it into the top 150 universities in the world rankings and it is the model that all the other universities in the city are following. It is internationally renowned for its academic research and attracts the brightest students in Australia and internationally. The majority of the University academic/teaching facilities are located on a single campus in the city.

On the other hand, the University of South Australia is the biggest University in the city. While it has six campuses, only four of them are in the city. Another available University is the Finders University which was established to accommodate students when not all the eligible applicants into the University of Adelaide could be admitted due to a shortage of space. The fourth University is Torrens University that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, management, media design, and public design.

Adelaide: People walking along the Rundle Mall in Adelaide CBD at sunset, viewing towards West. Rundle Mall is the premier shopping area of South Australia

The Quality of Life


Often described as a “big country town”, Adelaide is the most affordable city in Australia and the fifth most livable city in the world, this is despite the fact that in the city there is as a quality lifestyle and equally excellent educational opportunity as you can find in any other city in Australia. It is sometimes described as the perfect place to live and discover oneself while on a student budget. As of 2019, Adelaide was ranked the third most affordable city in Australia which is quite obvious if you consider the fact that it is 7% cheaper living there than living in Perth and 19% cheaper than living in either Melbourne or Sydney.

The streets of the city are planned wide streets with trees lining both sides, they are also lots of recreational parks with beautiful landscapes. There are a few relaxation spots built outside of the center of the city which are spacious enough and quiet to get some relaxation.

Many students pride themselves in staying close to the center of the city which opens doors to them being able to have quick access to numerous facilities while also making available quality nightlife and even puts them within walking distance of the school.

Adelaide: Tram ready to depart from Moseley Square to city at sunset. Moseley Square attracts a lot of tourists every day.


Ease of Transportation


There are different means of transport available in Adelaide because of its location on the mainland of Australia. Most common among students and locals alike is the use of trams and trains while others take buses, also several free transport systems are available occasionally. Transport generally runs from 5:00 am till 12 midnight and is controlled by the Adelaide Metro which is the city’s licensed public transport controller and administrator and has instant information about the schedules of all means of transport under its control which are made available online on their official website and their mobile app. In addition, further information about their transport can be gotten from Google Maps.

Some of the offered free rides can be gotten in the city, they are provided by the Adelaide Metro. City buses are clean, air-conditioned and are more or less or time. Also available in the city are trains electric trains have replaced diesel engines which generally run from 6 am till 12 midnight. There are also ultra-modern trams that run every 10 minutes on weekdays (every 15 minutes on weekends) from 6 am to 12 midnight. There are also free bicycles that can be lent from Bicycle SA with a valid means of identification- there are a number of locations where the bikes can be borrowed but they must be returned to the places where they are taken.

Many buses and virtually all trams have special seats for passengers who are wheelchair-bound. These seats are usually foldable and though they may be occupied by any passenger, they must always be vacated if a wheelchair passenger comes on board. Trains are also fixed with ramps at the entrances to enable wheelchair passengers to get on easily.

Autumn landscape under the rain in Adelaide Hills

Geography and Climate


Adelaide boasts of long hot summers, short mild winters, and low, unreliable, light and infrequent rainfalls. The northern area of the city is usually very hot during the day and also freezing during the nights. Adelaide is a city that is very windy, it also sometimes rains hailstones during the winter while the presence or fall of snow is uncommon and the weather is generally warm with temperature ranging from around maximum 16°c in the winter to 22°c in the autumn and spring and 29°c during the summer. This is generally warm temperature is one that is friendly to international students or visitors alike.

Adelaide, South Australia - February 14, 2019. Two police women on horseback patrol the streets in the centre of Adelaide. The police women are discussing something as they wait at the traffic lights and a medical truck can be seen on the cross road.

Safety in the city


The city is as safe (and equally as dangerous as any of the other big Australian cities) and has a minimal crime rate. There are very few incidents of gun crimes in recent times and although many visitors and residents have confirmed the city in Australia and maybe in the world, it is important that one observe some safety precautions such as knowing that it is safer for one to keep to oneself especially outside on the street, it also helps to polite and for one to courtesy while also being mindful of the surroundings and it is also important to ensure that one is not walking or driving alone after dark.

"Adelaide, South Australia : Tea stall in the Adelaide Central Market one of the many diverse stalls you will find amongst the fresh produce. This market has been around since 1869 bringing the local flavours and produce to the people of Adelaide."

Food and Foodstuffs


There are more restaurants in Adelaide than in any other major city in the country. About 50% of the wine consumed in the country is produced in Adelaide and it is the home to numerous food-related events and the National Wine Centre is located here also. Various food options are available here that should suit any student budget with wonderful culinary skills shown in its own Chinatown and the Gouger Street precinct.

For about 150 years, the city’s Central Market has been the place to pick up the freshest foodstuffs or ingredients in the Southern hemisphere, but this does not take the shine off the numerous farmers’ markets that are open at almost anytime and sell almost anything that you would be needing to make yourself that special delicacy that you crave so much. While some of these markets sell fresh food straight from the farms, there are also finished food products on show such as pastries, bread and so on.

There are food and wine tours that can be undergone in the city which can be personalized if one is going in a small group, these tours give one a special experience and can make one’s stay in the city more interesting. Definitely, one’s taste buds will be on a trip throughout the period of one stay while you take some of the tastiest meals and the best wines.

ADELAIDE, AU - FEB 18, 2017: Over 80 floats and 1500 Fringe artists entertain crowds at the opening parade for the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, the second largest annual arts festival in the world after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That year's theme, 'Mythical Wonderland'.

Relaxation and fun at Adelaide festivals


From the beautiful landscapes to wonderful warm beaches and other relaxation spots that almost certainly impress new people coming into the city. There are also many gardens and parks scattered across the city center that makes the city a popular destination for tourist and citizens. These spots provide a relaxing atmosphere separating one from the unavoidable noise and rowdiness in the center of the city; you can easily take a wonderful cool soak in a beach or stroll the surrounding bush in your spare time. In addition, other things that one can enjoy in one’s free time which are similar to those found in big cities around the world cinemas,  sporting venues(such as in-house football stadiums), eating places, cafes, bars, shopping malls and so on.

Nothing less than 400 different festivals and annual celebrations are hosted in the city. This alone guarantees that no matter what you love or find a passion for, you would almost certainly find a festival to celebrate it. International students who study in Adelaide will surely have a great time visiting these places during their leisure periods. Available are tons of concerts that go on all year round which includes the Adelaide Fringe, Sounds by the River, Womadelaide, Laneway festival, Fomo festival, and so on. Other city’s festivals include the film festival, the Carabet festival, the DreamBig Children festival, and the Southern Australian History Festival.

Aside from the enthralling festivals that take place in the city, there are other enjoyable cultural activities carried out to stir the peace and serenity of the city. One of the wonderful edifice for sightseeing is Southern Australia arts and cultural institutions situated at the center of the city; this institution encompasses the State Library, the city’s Botanic Gardens, the Zoo, the Southern Australian Museum and many more.

Adelaide, Australia - November 9, 2019: National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant 2019 traditional event in Adelaide CBD. It is the biggest Christmas parade in the world.

Community Feel


For sure, no one wants to stay in a place where he or she does not feel welcome enough, and definitely not in a hostile environment. Adelaide believes in welcoming every one of its international students with open arms and therefore can boast of having students coming in from about 150 countries.  The presence of such internationals residing in Adelaide is enough testimony to the fact that virtually everyone is welcome to stay in the city, notwithstanding their race, socio-cultural or religious beliefs. Every single one of the international students in the city has confessed to have found a home here.

The regional campuses are smaller which makes for a real community feel and the fact that students are much closer to each other and it is easier to make friends and get to know a lot of people in an easier way. Also, majority of the students live in the same area so it will be easier to catch up with new friends even outside the school environment. It ensures that no one is actually left lonely and one will be almost surely welcome. It will be easier to settle down and get right to work in a more accommodating atmosphere.

Adelaide is a beautiful, vibrant and yet developing city in South Australia. It is a city that offers balance. Taking a view from some of the students who have stayed in the city, some have admitted that the major advantage of the city is the fact that it is slower paced, compared to other cities it has a smaller population which calls for a quieter environment and it is easier to move around Adelaide than in other cities. Also, the entire city is surrounded by parks and gardens where you can sit to relax. In addition, it has been seen that it is easier to get international experience because there is a higher concentration of international students in the city, so there is little or no reason why Adelaide should not be your dream city to further your education.