Brisbane view from Brisbane river

If you’re thinking of moving to Brisbane Australia or you recently just moved there and you’re in need of information on the lifestyle and activities of your environment, then this article is meant for you. I’ll be talking about the beautiful attractions, lifestyle, people, living expenses and accommodation available in Brisbane that are Student friendly. Brisbane is a city that has a lot of historical and cultural significance. Life in Brisbane revolves around the outdoors, As the capital of Australia’s Sunshine State, Brisbane invites you to let your hair down, kick off your shoes, grab your mates and enjoy the art, adventure, food it has to offer. Enjoy!

Brisbane, Australia is a popular tourist destination serving as an access point to the state of Queensland. It is a sunny city that is made up of people from all around the world. Life in Brisbane is a relaxed one complete with easy-going locals, great weather and lots and lots of greenery. Brisbane offers a laid-back living so you can look forward to an exciting and distress free life. For a smooth transition, here’s what you need to know about Brisbane.

  • Amazing climate that is near perfect all year round
  • Boasts of affordable and standard housing with electricity and internet
  • Efficient and effective transportation system that is user-friendly
  • Top-notch culinary prowess with varieties to select from
  • Reliable security whose only goal is the protection of residents and tourists
  • Student-friendly environment with an affordable cost of living.
  • Spectacular major attractions sprawled around the city


“Typical restored traditional domestic architecture in Brisbane, Australia. These types of houses are known as ‘Queenslanders’ and are built up off the ground because of the tropical climate.”

Getting a suitable place to live


This is probably the most important factor to consider when moving to a foreign country. The shelter is a necessity and as such must be treated with utmost care. It is said that living in a satisfying place can help you psychologically as well as physically. Brisbane is smaller than other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne and as such, it is easier to search and find affordable accommodation that meets your specifications.

The city of Brisbane has a wide urban sprawl, that consists of various areas for tourists and students to settle in. Many Apartments in Brisbane display the “Queenslander” architectural style and are sprawled all around the city with fair proximity to the Universities and businesses of people. Rental reports show that Brisbane is one of the cheapest capital cities to rent in the entire country. The median asking price for houses is 450$ a week, with no yearly and quarterly change and the price for Units ranges at 390$ – 370$ per week.

The best areas for apartments in Brisbane include Rentals in Paddington, Kangaroo Point, West End, Fortitude Valley, Tenerife, etc. All that is left to do is to pick a neighborhood that is in close proximity to your school as this would reduce the time it takes you to commute to and fro and to decide on what type of accommodation you’re looking for.

 Other options of sharing an apartment with other people are also available as this would mean splitting the cost amongst yourselves. So decisions are to be made people!

Living expenses are an important factor on choosing the right city

Living Expenses


As I mentioned earlier, Brisbane is one of the cheapest major cities for students to live in, but it can become expensive if your cost of living is way above your means and as such you have to plan your budget carefully. Being a student of a University attracts a lot of costs such as; course fees, books and study materials, accommodation, transportation amongst other expenses.


Your living expenses will depend entirely on your taste, personal needs, and lifestyle.  The average international student in Australia spends about $405 per week on food, clothing, entertainment, transport, and telephone. The following list would give you a better understanding of the usual everyday expenses in Brisbane:

  • Loaf of bread: from $1.85
  • 1 liter of milk: from $1.20
  • Cup of coffee: $3.50 to $5.00
  • Bus ticket (concession rate): $1.32 to $3.08

This estimation gives you an idea of what your daily or weekly expenses in Brisbane could be. I hope this has been helpful to you so far. Keep reading there’s a lot more to tell about how awesome Brisbane is.

Young woman dressed in sports clothing going for a jog along Brisbane Southbank.



Brisbane is often called Australia’s most livable city and also known as the “sunshine state”. The awesome weather, splendid quality of life and friendly relaxed people make Brisbane an excellent place for an international student to live in complete with the blue skies and warm climate.

Brisbane is a cosmopolitan city filled with stylish cafes and eateries along with a large number of modern as well as quaint houses and apartment blocks. Food and drinks is something that is taken seriously in Brisbane – whether it is steak and coffee at a pub or full-course meals in a five-star restaurant. These Eateries are situated in great positions to give you a spectacular view of the city while you enjoy your delicious meals and refreshing drinks.

Brisbane is known for its love of color and the fashion-oriented people of Brisbane tend to wear adventurous outfits. For a casual everyday look, the ladies tend to wear dresses, jeans and sandals and the men wear outfits like shorts and casual T-shirts. The one accessory you would find on almost everyone in Brisbane is the sunshade you don’t need to guess why; I’ll tell you why.




Brisbane is a safe and vibrant 24-hour city, a local testifies that In all the time she’s lived in Brisbane, not once has she been robbed or accosted. The “bigger city badder city” rule doesn’t apply to Brisbane. The safety of the residents and visitors is a major priority for Brisbane city council. However, here are some safety tips that you should bear in mind; Be aware, Be smart, Be prepared, Trust your instincts, Be heard and Report anything suspicious. The emergency number flor Queensland police is ”000”, you can also give information anonymously about criminal activity to crime stoppers on “1800 333 000”{toll free}. This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Bars and Clubs are safe, CCTV cameras are erected on every angle with lights on every corner, the crime rate is considerably low and a lot different from other Australian cities. So rest easy about security. You’re safe in Brisbane, how fantastic is that?!


Brisbane Weather


Swimmers and sunbathers at Streets Beach in the Parklands of the South Bank in Brisbane Queensland Australia

Another important aspect to consider is the temperature in Brisbane. Brisbane has an agreeable climate with warm or hot weather nearly all year round with an average of 280 days of sunshine per year. It is always sunny and warm in Brisbane. Locals cool off in the Brisbane river or take an hour’s drive to the coasts were the surf beaches are located.

Summer falls around December-February, thunderstorms and heavy rain are associated with this season. Winter (June – August) is sunny and dry, it could get considerably cold in the mornings during this season. Spring (September – November) and Autumn (March-May) the days are warm and sunny, and the evenings are nice and the night time is considerably cooler

Must-Have Items for the summer in Brisbane are Hat, swimming gear, sunglasses, and sunscreen. For the Winter; long-sleeved shirt, Jumper, Jacket, etc.

I believe I just told you the “why” for why sunglasses is a must-have for Brisbanites.


Brisbane Transportation


Color image of Brisbane cityscape, financial district and traffic on the Victoria Bridge on beautiful spring day.

Brisbane has an efficient and effective public transport system that includes trains, ferries and bus networks, footpaths, bike paths, sea, and air. Taxi services are also available but are more expensive than the public transport system. The cheapest and easiest way for visitors to travel by public transport is to buy a cashless ticket called a Go card. Go card is a touch-on touch-off system that can be used on the city’s buses, trains, citycats and ferry services.  You can purchase a go card at both Brisbane International and Domestic airports or from convenience stores or train stations throughout the city. All you need to do is add credit on these cards and you can go anywhere in the city. You never have to worry about not having enough cash for your errands. Transportation costs range from $20 – $40 weekly.


Major Attractions in Brisbane


“Brissie” as Australians affectionately call it is a large city winding across the Brisbane River. Its somewhat relaxed yet sophisticated culture attracts a lot of tourists and permanent residents. It is colorful, clean and green with plenty of gardens and parklands spread around the city.

Many of the Brisbane attraction includes The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. If you’ve wondered what cuddling a Koala would feel like, this is the perfect place to do so. Other Australian Animals like the Kangaroos, Dingoes, Wombats, Snakes and other Aussie Animals can be found here. You can even get a photo of you holding, touching or cuddling any of these exotic Animals. How amazing is that?

Another amazing place in Brisbane is The Cultural Precinct. This is a marvelous destination for a day out. With a considerable number of fascinating museums, galleries and performance venues. If you’re looking for a great way to spend the day and learn while having fun, then this is a place to visit.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot – Tha. It offers an amazing view of Brisbane. This is probably one of the favorite attractions of visitors and locals alike. This Garden is 7 kilometers from the city and dedicates a whopping 128 acres of land to horticulture. It has the largest collection of Australian rain forest trees as well as several species of plants, bamboos, cactus, and other exotic flowers. The panoramic view of this garden is a beautiful sight to behold and a must-see for every student who appreciates nature.

South Bank, this Delightful place is filled with parklands, Plazas, a wide array of restaurants and a host of special events. There are lots of relaxing and exciting activities to do in this great place at the bank of the Brisbane River. Activities like; Biking, Strolling, working out and free fitness classes. I don’t know about you but this place sounds fantabulous!

River Cruises, the most picturesque and scenic way of viewing this cosmopolitan city is through exhilarating cruises. There are fleets of city ferries that are available seven days a week and offering informative cruises complete with narrations of the history of Brisbane and other sights of the city. This is an amazing way of gaining a fresh perspective of Brisbane landmarks.