MELBOURNE, The Most Liveable City in The World


Melbourne, Australia - Nov 10, 2018: Aerial view of Melbourne CBD in the morning. It has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world.


What You Need To Know About MELBOURNE As An International Student


Choosing a city to start or continue your education can be a challenge, there are many factors to consider such as the environment, the lifestyle of the people (whether you can fit) and the ease at which you carry out your work and study. As an international student, you are leaving your family to start a new life in another place, to study, get to the know the world and experience cultures different from yours. Therefore, before choosing any city in Australia I will like you to get to know things about the city of Melbourne dubbed the most student-friendly city in Australia. 

Facts you should know about Melbourne

  • Melbourne was named after a former Prime Minister of Britain, William Lamb who is from a tiny English village called Melbourne
  • Melbourne is culturally diverse, with a third of its inhabitants born overseas
  • Melbourne has the highest tram network outside Europe.
  • Melbourne is known for its coffee, which is second to none
  • Melbourne is home to some inventions such as the black box flight recorder and aspirin
  • It has five standard internationally recognised sporting facilities.​

Footpath along Yarra river in Melbourne downtown under leafy trees facing southbank and Walker bridge in early morning.

Melbourne city is the second-largest city in Australia, the capital of the state of Victoria located in the southeastern part of the state. It was founded in 1835 and given the name by its Governor of then General Richard Bourke in 1837. It is, however, the most populous city in Australia and the second most liveable city in the world 2018, having won it form 2011 to 2017 (a record of 7 years). The title of the most liveable city is awarded to a city based on several factors such as stability, way of life, environment, education and infrastructure present.

The city is blessed with a temperate climate (hot summer and a cool winter), beautiful scenery that can be seen in form of beaches running off Port Melbourne, the 12 Apostles which are a stack of rock that can be seen along the beaches, the beaches creatures such as Penguins! amidst other attractions. Melbourne is currently dubbed Australia’s Cultural capital due to its being the home of several attractions and also a unique lifestyle.

Melbourne, Australia: RMIT students, shoppers and business people enjoy lunch in the sunshine on the lawns of the State Library in Swanston St. Melbourne.




Aside from Melbourne is the second large second- 2019, it is ranked 3rd World Best Student City following London (1st) and Tokyo (2nd) and ahead of other culture-oriented cities like Munich (4th) and Berlin (5th). it is a very popular city that boasts of students from all walks of lifwalksherefore you get to know a lot about different cultures and lifestyles all in a single city!. It is the home of about 270,000 students, international students have a whopping 30% (estimate) therefore you can see yourself fitting into the city already. It is a budget-friendly to live in as an international student.

It houses the University of Melbourne, a world-class university ranking 32nd in the world and number one in Australia. Melbourne also has many renowned research institutes. It is also attractive based on its employer activity being ranked 10th in the world according to QS ranking.

Since learning is also based on what is around us Melbourne has a very rich multi-cultural experience and unique lifestyle that will surely affect you positively. Melbourne has many galleries that can open your eyes to art and creativity. As an international student, you are not limited to your academy when looking for help, there are several organizations such as the local government of Victoria and non-governmental that will surely provide assistance. This can be in the form of your studies, work, health, even in terms of sports amidst others.

3rd January 2019, Melbourne Australia: street view of Centre Place an iconic pedestrian laneway with cafe and people in Melbourne Australia



Melbourne is a beautiful place for you to come and study, it is a city with a lot of diverse communities and different cultures coexisting together, you might even be lucky to find your people there. There are lots of activities and opportunities such as shopping, markets, entertainment, and other events.

Moving might be a challenge but making friends will be easier, you will find someone of like minds due to the different communities and cultures.

Three major events held in Melbourne;

  • Australian Open which attracts the best of females and males players to the city.
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival in which for weeks (about three and a half) comedians from all walks of life arrive at Melbourne.
  • Melbourne Festival comprises dancing, music, art to celebrate art and creativity.




Living in this beautiful city is affordable. Being a student will attract several things such as money for books and materials, accommodation, transportation, course fee, etc. Which are, to be honest student-friendly.

The living expense is also cheap and you can boost by simply working part-time in places like gas stations, convenience stores, etc. On average an international student spends not more than 1000 AUD per month. To ease out the cost you can have housemates that will share the burden. Melbourne will also accommodate you if you want to display your expensive lifestyle though.




Price Range: $450-$750 per week

It is more expensive when compared with the others, this is due to many factors such as closeness to the academics, various facilities such as gyms and studies present, and also that meals are included. It, however, has disadvantages, you can be paying for a lot of things you don’t need and you don’t get to experience and enjoy the city as you should.


Price Range: $250-$350 per week


As an international student, you can decide to arrange with a family with all that you need to be covered by the family. It can be long distanced or short depending on your choice. However, before deciding make sure you know about transportation to your place of study. Homestay has another benefit, a family support network with a link to Australian society.





Price Range: $170-$550 per week

There is also no harm in trying to envision yourself as a local and accommodation, however, would be in form of rents, there is a difference of course, when talking about price it is affordable and you get to experience the lifestyle and culture of people around you on another level, however, you have to take care of the cost associated with that decision. It is perfect if you are someone that likes his own space for which you might live with selected people. Having housemates will reduce the cost of living and also reduce you’re becoming bored.


Price Range: $200-$500 per week

Larges centers offer apartments at a safe and secure location with different sizes and about 5 bedrooms at most. It has the advantage of being suitably located for students, giving you a chance to experience the lifestyle of people you are surrounded with while still close to your place of study. You also have to take care of the utility cost associated with this decision. It, however, can be a problem to access the internet at peak times.


Melbourne, VIC, Australia: Police car patrolling the streets in the centre of Melbourne


Generally, Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and safety in Melbourne is of a high standard. It has a safety index of 81% making it a very good place to work and study.

In major areas that are patrolled by securities 24/7, the city has a 24-hour city safety strategy. The public transport services also run throughout the night on weekends. You must be aware of the security arrangement made by your institution’s local area and place of residence. If you notice anomaly near you dial the emergency number Triple Zero (000)​

There are however some risks which are classified as;

Overall Risk: Low

With a rating of 81%, this shows that Melbourne is very safe

Pickpockets Risk: Low

Even though low, there is a chance that you might encounter a pickpocket, therefore be self-aware when in a crowd

Mugging Risk: Low

Despite the low risk, be self- conscious and avoid places that are empty at night

Scams Risk: Low

It is rare to be scammed in Melbourne although there have been some cases of scamming in clubs by bartenders who charge high prices for drinks.


Transport and Taxis Risk: Medium

Generally under this, there is safety, however, if you feel alone in a train go the safety zone where there is a security camera.

Terrorism Risk: Very Low

Risk of terrorist activity is very low if not non-existent

Women Travelers Risk: Very Low

General not only for Melbourne alone, Australia is safe for women

It is good to be self-aware and relate wisely, but looking at it generally, you are going to be safe while walking or anything during the day. Do be vigilant at nights though and move away from empty alleys. With good security however provided my Victoria Polices, for example, Melbourne is not a haven for criminals.